Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so happy to answer any questions you might have! 

If you do not see an answer to your question please reach out via the chat option or an email to 

Q: I saw a print posted from a box that I love, will it be offered separately? 

A: Usually, the prints used the boxes are limited and therefore do not make it to listing on their own. The prints for boxes change regularly and I always watch who orders what in hopes to avoid dupes! 

Q: Is the shop only open on Fridays?

A:Nope! The only collection that's only available on Fridays is the Drop Day collection. Anything else is fair game anytime! 

Q: What is the VIP group and why should I join? 

A: The VIP group is a bookish community I built in conjunction with the shop! It's a safe space where we share all things bookish and just interact with one another. We share book recs, wishlists, socials, and more. You should join if you like being part of a small community and if you want a chance at limited access items. 

Q: Why are boxes so limited?

A: I design each box specific to the purchasers requests. This takes time to design and create each item so unfortunately I can't offer too many at once. 

Q: Why do dye shirts take two weeks?

A: I hand dye each and every shirt on top of designing the images. Each order is handled by me (Brittany) from start to finish therefore things take a little time.